About our company

Aerodynamics is everything. Today you can see unmanned aerial vehicles of all kinds of shapes in the air – from usual helicopters to powerful quadcopters and motor-gliders. Each type of equipment has its own tasks, and they determine the shape and the structure. On the other hand – it is the shape and the structure that limit the range of UAV capabilities.

We take the next step in air evolution and offer you a universal unmanned aerial vehicle, which can be adapted to any of your tasks and therefore significantly reduce your costs of maintaining a whole fleet of vehicles.

Our equipment is developed and constantly improved by professionals: graduates and employees of the leading technical universities of the country, therefore our UAV is ideally suited for any tasks and weather conditions in Russia and around the world:

  • Search operations in the mountains at high altitudes
  • Aerial operations in the high seas with squall winds
  • Flights in difficult meteorological conditions
  • Aerial operations in low and high temperatures

You can quickly learn all the news about the latest developments in the field of multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles on our website; you will find detailed articles and reviews written by professionals. We will constantly update and develop our resource – first of all, in accordance with the requests and needs of our readers.

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