An experiment on developing SWARM algorithms

An original experiment on developing so-called SWARM algorithms (algorithms for managing several unmanned vehicles simultaneously) has been initiated. Complex technology is suggested to be honed on radio-controlled mobile rovers and boats with an electric motor. Thus, we seriously reduce risks: tests are carried out at low speeds and in the same plane (the apparatus does not break and will not be lost); the test time is increased (swarm of boats can work for 5 hours, rovers – for 10 hours, while unmanned aircraft in test mode can work for 20-40 minutes).

Our methodology assumes the two-way effect: the obtained results can be used to create the widest range of unmanned aerial and surface, above-water and underwater vehicles to be used for monitoring the shoreline, the state of inland water bodies and coastal marine areas, for creation of depth map, for harmful substances content estimation and for performing a huge number of other tasks.

Model robot Lawn mover robot Warehouse robots
of the developed models
Depth map Oxygen content